Young Irish Dance champion receives community award

Katy Foxcroft GMC Award - Group Photo (featured)

Katy Foxcroft, a young Irish dance champion from Southwark, was presented with the 2016 Global Markets Consultants Community Champion Award on Thursday 3 March in front of 25 young dancers.

The award was presented to Katy by her dance teacher at Carragher Academy, Monica Larking, for competing in competitions for the academy and performing for numerous charity and community events in London for 10 years and being an inspiration to her younger peers.

Jessica Carragher, co-founder of Carragher Academy, has taught Katy for the past 10 years and has done the choreography for Katy’s performances in competitions, where she has gone on to win 35 championship titles.

Katy Foxcroft GMC Award - Katy with Award

On receiving the award, Katy said: “I enjoy Irish dancing so much with everyone at the academy because it’s like we are all a family.

“Any dancer in this room can achieve the same success that I have had as long as they put their mind and efforts to it.”

Thank you to Sarah Carragher, co-founder of Carragher Academy, for nominating Katy.

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