Why we have Two Southwarks under Labour

After Southwark Labour’s recent cabinet reshuffle, it is clear that Labour does not want equality at the top. Nor do they have any gameplan to achieve equality at the top by 2020. Before the local elections, Leader Peter John said that he shares our aspirations; it was just words. The lack of any gameplan lies with him.

The addition of one minority member to fill half a cabinet portfolio is (quite literally) a half measure. It is insignificant, and if you compare it to last year’s cabinet, there is not much change in terms of money distributed to the two communities. This is why we have Two Southwarks.

It is now in the hands of talented minority councillors to fight for equality at the top internally whilst we fight for it externally. Only then can we hit our targets in 2020. Labour are determined to keep talented minorities as footsoldiers – APP will continue to fight for equality at the top and build One Southwark.

Southwark Council top table - updatedv4

Written by APP Reporter

APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.