Top 10 Job Interview Tips For Developers

Job Interviews can be a tough and nerve wrecking experience. Below are the top 10 tips that will make developer job interviews just a little bit easier.

1. Admit what you don’t know

When asked something that you don’t, do NOT pretend to know it. You will end up looking stupid. Not only that, you kill any chance of getting hired. As a developer, it’s almost impossible to know everything. Employers know this, so just admit it and say you’re always eager to learn new stuff.

2. Be confident

You can tell when a person is confident. They have a certain quality to them that makes others respect him or her. Just remember to not confuse confidence with arrogance.

3. Do Not be arrogant

This is very important. Don’t go into an interview with an arrogant attitude. I’ve met programmers who think they are god’s gift to computer language. These types of individuals are venom to everyone else around them. Even if you are a programming guru, if you’re arrogant, you’ll have a hard time getting hired. Employers avoid hiring professionals who will end up bringing other employees down.

4. Show up well dressed

There is no need to buy an Armani suit, but at least wear something that you’d wear on a first date. I’ve been to interviews where one of the applicants was wearing jeans and Homer Simpson socks. A ridiculous dressed programmer gives the impression that they do not get along with other professionals. And no employer wants to hire someone who will be hiding in the corner of their cubicle.

5. Do not talk too much

When asked a question, answer it in an efficient and well structured manner. Don’t blabber on and on. Short and descriptive answers give the impression that you are articulate, efficient and direct.

6. Get some rest

You might be nervous the day before the interview, but getting some rest should be a priority. You don’t want to start yawning during the interview. Employers usually don’t like that.

7. Make small talk

Sometimes a situation could arise where you’re alone with someone with nothing to talk about. During a long walk to the interview office for example. Or maybe one of the interviewers is called off for a while. It’s best to make small talk during this time. For example, ask how their work day has been so far. Anything is better than just a silent long awkward pause.

8. Display good manners

Remember, this is not a dinner with buddies. You have to be respectful. Shake hands and greet everyone. When the interview is over, don’t just say bye and walk away. Wait to shake everyone’s hands and wait for them to lead you out of the office.

9. DO NOT mention your home projects

This is important. Employers only want to know what projects you have worked on other employers. They are not interested in what you have been working on in your basement. We all know that great projects can start in the basement, but in the interview world, this is a major no, no.

10. Be Prepared

Study the company. Study what they do and their history. As a programmer, it’s also important to try to find out what type of software they use and what programming languages they are using. It not only shows that you’re interested in the company, it also shows that you’re in the IT side of things.

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