Tomorrow is Election Day, Thursday 7th May

As you know, tomorrow is Election Day, Thursday 7th May.

This election is a fight for our future. Here are three key reasons to vote for Prem Goyal tomorrow:

  1. Prem has the real life experience, track record as a global entrepreneur in the City of London, and excellent education to fight for us in Parliament.
  2. Prem is one of us. He greatly cares about our community and has planted deep roots in Southwark for the past 10 years. We need an MP like Prem who understands the backgrounds and journeys of people in our diverse communities.
  3. Prem will provide solutions to the burning issues we face: shortage of social homes and horrible housing conditions; lack of jobs for our young people; families unable to find affordable childcare; parents sending their children to schools miles apart; and unnecessary and repeated stop and searches.

Southwark can do better and Prem will make it happen. With your vote we can provide a promising future for everyone. Together we can win!

Remember to Vote for Prem Goyal tomorrow

How to vote 2

Voting Checklist: 

① Election Day is tomorrow – Thursday 7th May

② You vote at your Polling Station

③ You can vote from 7am to 10pm at your polling station

④ You don’t need your Poll Card to vote

⑤ You vote for Prem Goyal by putting an X in the box next to GOYAL

⑥ You can only vote for one candidate – put X next to Prem GOYAL

⑦ Prem Goyal is the third candidate on the ballot paper

⑧ If you haven’t posted your postal vote, you can still vote by handing it in at your polling station

Written by APP Reporter

APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.