Thank you to everyone who supported our 10 candidates

10 APP candidate May 2016

APP would like thank everyone who supported and voted for our 10 APP candidates in the London Assembly elections and council by-elections last week.

Altogether, 7147 people voted for APP candidates across the 10 elections we were contesting, a great total for our party.

GLA Count_2016

Jack Williams, Election Agent for APP, said after the results: “This was a very successful election for APP. This was our first time competing against some of the major parties at London Assembly level, and the way that each of our candidates carried themselves throughout was admirable.

“On top of this, our local council candidates ran some great campaigns, some in areas where APP had not put up candidates before – which will expand our reach to even more Londoners. These good performances lay a solid foundation for APP in the 2018 London local elections and beyond.”

GLA Count_2016_2

Aaron D’Souza, APP candidate for City & East, said: “From attending election agent and candidate meetings, participating in hustings and speaking to residents, it has been great to be part of London’s political process and have a voice that was listened to on London’s future.

“I hope I can work with Unmesh Desai [Assembly Member for City & East] and other GLA members to achieve our shared vision of a fairer and united London.”

Congratulations to our candidates and thank you again to everyone who supported them.

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APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.