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Terry Adewale takes campaign to Elephant & Castle

Terry Newington Campaigning_2

Terry Adewale, APP candidate for Newington Ward, spent the weekend and bank holiday Monday talking to residents about their grievances with Southwark Council alongside his dedicated campaign team.

Terry and his team spoke to over 500 people around the Elephant and Castle area, including people living on the Penrose and Alberta Estates. The issue that the majority of residents spoke to Terry about was housing, with a lot of people concerned that maintenance issues were going unaddressed by Southwark Council.

At the Newington By-Election Hustings last week, Aaron D’Souza, speaking on behalf of Terry, declared that if elected as Councillor, Mr Adewale would introduce an effective tracking system to monitor all housing maintenance cases, on top of other housing measures. 

Terry Newington Campaigning_3

Terry Adewale said: “Improving Southwark Council’s poor housing policies has been my number one priority since the day I became the candidate, and speaking to residents over the last few days has confirmed my belief that housing should be all Councillor’s top priority.

“I pledge to Newington residents that I will implement effective solutions to all of their concerns about housing, as well as other issues.”

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