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Tajwar Rahman on the importance of time management

Tajwar Rahman is a recent addition to the All People’s Party team, here he describes what he has learnt since meeting Prem Goyal and the changes he has made in order to achieve success. You can read his first article here.

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“Having identified the key ingredients and lessons towards success, the next phase involved implementing them on my journey to get there. The key recurring theme, which will later become apparent within this article, revolves around time. How can I shape my life/time to ensure my journey to success is a prosperous one?

Identifying how and where you’re spending your time is typically the first step in one’s journey to success. Many of us, if not all, have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. However, not all actively seek to accomplish and realize their dreams. Why? Just by believing, putting thoughts into action and forging your own path to success, you’ll be closer to achieving your dream than you were the day before!

Now that you’ve identified the direction you want to go, the next step is to focus on how to discern your time. Identifying how and where I was spending my time and taking personal responsibility, is the first step I took to making the change for my journey to success. In order to illustrate this breakdown, I decided to use The Muse “Wheel of Productivity”, instead of creating another pie chart, as a way of valuing and maximizing my time on a daily basis. Upon self-examination, procrastination and time management were areas I needed to improve upon. This will therefore allow me to manage my time more efficiently and effectively as it helps to establish a routine I can maintain on my journey to success.

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This personal illustration is my target for 2015 and beyond. Prem Goyal had emphasized the fact that ensuring and distributing time across different ventures accordingly, is pivotal in maximizing one’s potential. This is due to the fact that, in most cases, your output is directly determined by your input. Creating a routine allows one to monitor the changes more easily as it ensures your time spent is focused towards your end goal. Measuring these results and improvement will maintain a steady and consistent journey to success.

Holding yourself accountable and taking necessary action to ensure success is what separates a journey to success from a journey to failure. Necessary action and changes include implementing a “by me” mentality, rather than a “to me” or “for me” mentality. The difference in the “by me” mentality lies within the acts of creating your own luck and taking initiative in order to become successful, as opposed to waiting for someone to do something for you.

I will certainly not be resting on my laurels, and will set myself goals such as achieving success in my studies and gaining valuable experience within the corporate business industry. Despite the potential hardships one may face on their journey to success, remaining committed is important as it ensures you have the resilience and tenacity to overcome failure. This involves maintaining the attitude of achieving your goals “long after the mood you had set them in has left you”.

Tajwar Rahman on the importance of time management


Successful entrepreneurs such as Prem Goyal and Jack Ma, often regularly display the traits and skills developed on the course of one’s journey to success. As a result, Prem highlighted the need to establish balance in order to spend time effectively rather than wasting unnecessary time on unproductive activities, otherwise we’d be limiting our capabilities on our journey to success.

Nevertheless, providing myself with the best options is what I aim to do and I intend to continue this by immersing myself in new opportunities. This involves surrounding myself with positive influences and those that share my goals, as this will ultimately bring out the best in me. So, treating time as currency will yield immediate results and I challenge you all to make and enjoy these changes within your journey to success.”

Written by APP Reporter

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