Supporting the growth of Diversity Role Models


Jack Williams from Global Markets Consultants (GMC) was invited to an informal drinks reception to celebrate Diversity Role Models moving to their new offices at St. Anne’s Church in Soho on Friday 10 June.

The event, for which GMC sponsored the refreshments, was attended by over 50 people, including local community leaders, supporters and volunteers for the charity.

The event was a good opportunity for guests to speak to the charity’s ‘Role Model’ volunteers, who lead workshops in primary and secondary schools across the UK to tackle the problem of homophobic bullying.


Phil Nicol, Head of Business Development at Diversity Role Models, welcomed all guests and praised the terrific work that the Role Models do in helping the charity reach more and more young people.

After the event, Jack said: “I had an outstanding experience at the event. It was good to speak to a few of the Role Models about the techniques they use to introduce primary school pupils to the sensitive topic of homophobic bullying. It was a real eye-opening experience”.

Thanks to Phil and Arif Adam, Delivery Co-coordinator for Diversity Role Models, for organising this terrific event.

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