Southwark’s Bangladeshi community endorses Prem Goyal

APP MP candidate for Camberwell & Peckham, Prem Goyal, was invited to attend and speak for a few moments at a Southwark community event organised by Layla Rahman and Shajahan and Sultana Ahmed.

Around 150 people attended, including many families and children.

Apr 19 2

One of the speakers, Natasha Chaudhry, spoke passionately about cyber bullying and online security. She encouraged parents to have conversations with their children to make sure they are protected on the internet.

19 Apr 1

Prem Goyal was warmly greeted and also asked to speak. Prem stressed the importance of having our political leadership, especially those at the top, reflect the community. Prem said he wanted to tap the talent of all residents to build one Southwark, which received a big round of applause.

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