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In today’s South London Press MP candidates for Camberwell & Peckham are asked to answer three questions on the redevelopment of the Aylesbury Estate, the plans for Peckham Rye station and on the state of the NHS.

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The answers from APP’s candidate, Prem Goyal, and Harriet Harman, the sitting MP, clearly demonstrate why Harriet has outstayed her welcome as our MP and why Prem Goyal is the change we need:

(1) Harriet Harman does not provide any solutions and she is out of ideas.

While Prem Goyal provides many specific solutions and creative ideas in his answers, including building 10,000 new social homes and providing 24-hour access to GP surgeries, Harriet vaguely talks around the issues, offering nothing.

(2) Harriet Harman has grown out of touch after being in parliament for 32 years

For Harriet to say “the area around the station [Peckham Rye] has become closed in and uninviting” is insulting to the small businesses operating there and their many customers. Prem Goyal is very clear that any new plans must be developed and signed-off by the community, not imposed from above by people who do not appreciate the unique character of our area.

(3) For Harriet, the party comes before residents

Southwark Labour has gone about regeneration in the wrong way, treating the community with contempt and signing secret deals with developers. They don’t know the B of business and the developers have eaten them alive at the negotiating table. As you can tell from the answers, Harriet Harman has done nothing to hold the Labour council to account for their incompetence. Camberwell & Peckham residents deserve an MP like Prem Goyal who will stand up for them.


Prem Goyal can replace Harriet Harman on 7th May. Join the 17,000 people promising to vote for Prem and bring about the change we need.



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