Saying thank you to Pecan Foodbank volunteers and staff

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Global Markets Consultants (GMC) sponsored a Thank You dinner for Pecan’s foodbank staff, trustees and volunteers to celebrate their contribution to community cohesion and inclusion in London.

Pecan is a charity operating in Southwark, formed in 1989 to help build a stronger community. The charity offers a range of services, including employment support, resettlement support and the Southwark Foodbank . There are two foodbanks in Bermondsey and one in Peckham.

Prem Goyal and Aaron D’Souza from GMC attended the dinner which was hosted at the White House Pub in Peckham.

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Speaking to guests at the occasion, Aaron said: “We are proud of your efforts and the difference you make to the lives of struggling Londoners. We would like to make this an annual event.” Everyone in attendance erupted with cheers.

After the meal, Joel Nazar, Pecan’s Community Fundraiser & Communications Officer, said: “We wish to thank Prem and GMC for their kindness in funding the event. Many of our wonderful staff and volunteers stayed late into the night to continue socialising and enjoying themselves.”

Thank you to Joel Nazar and Chris Price, Pecan’s Executive Director, for helping to organise this wonderful event.

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