Recreational Activities For Rvers Will Make Your Rv Boondocking The Best Years Of Your Life

So, you've hitched up your rig and pulled out into some absolutely beautiful country to go RV Boondocking. What are you going to do now? You have given it some thought haven't you? You're not really going to just sit in the shade under the awning of your RV, drink beer and burp are you?

Come on. You finally have the time to do all those things you've been talking yourself out of for all these years! You finally have the time to live! So get on with it! Don't talk yourself out of it again. And don't let anyone else talk you out of it. Abandon the excuses and find the shining life that's waiting for you!

There's no shortage of recreational activities for RVers to occupy your time. All you need do is pick one, or better yet, several!

From plain old hiking and fishing, to kayaking, geo caching, and ATV's, there's plenty to do. Get out and have some fun. Take a few chances and get the adrenaline pumping again. Make your RV Boondocking everything you hoped it would be. It won't happen on its own. You have to chase the dream!

Now I'm not saying if you're 68, with a couple of shiny new hips, you should suddenly start rock climbing ….. though I wouldn't talk you out of it either! What I'm saying is, don't just sit in camp. At least not all the time! I've been walking around with a "dislocated" spine for most of 25 years. Along with a few other less than prime parts! So I know what you mean when you talk about aches and pains. I'm just too stubborn to let it control my life. One thing I do know, the more you vegetate the worse the aches and pains get, so get moving!

If your joints are sore, a bicycle may be a perfect option. The elimination of the impact on your joints from walking and hiking will be a benefit while you still get the benefit of some pretty good exercise and see some of the local countryside in the process.

If you're lazy, like me, don't pedal a bike. Get a motorcycle. Go daytrip cruising for miles around your camp in every direction! A word of advice. If you figure the wind in your hair will tend to make you grin a lot, you'll want a full face helmet. Most of those bugs you'll meet don't taste very good!

Find things to do that stretch your body as well as your mind. Go paddle your kayak around the lake in the morning. Take a hike after lunch and then work on that book, you've always wanted to write, in the rainy afternoon. Finish up the day by beating the cranky old grump you live with in a spirited game of chess before bed! Or maybe dominoes!

Take up painting (pictures not houses!) Or photography. The list is nearly endless.

I tool leather, go fishing, hiking, shooting and writing …. while Heidi (my wife) knits, beads or does dog agility. Occasionally I still chase her around the fifth wheel! Only problem there is, after a minute or two I forget why! Sometimes I even read a book!

The truth is, if you have much extra time left over, you're doing it wrong! There are too many Recreational Activities for RVers to allow you any time to waste! Fill every step you take, every breath you breathe, with life!

But what, you ask, if I don't like what I choose? Well, that's one thing you can scratch off your list! Experiment, explore, expand. Go after every day like it's your last. Someday, it will be! Don't get there thinking "I wish I woulda …."

Fail to heed this advice and you'll end up a cranky old grump …. like me!

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