Putting people first, elites last.

Stephen Govier Albrighton Hustings (featured 2)

Here is Stephen Govier’s full speech at the Albrighton hustings from 8th October 2015:

Hi, I am Stephen Govier and I pledge that I will put the interests of the many before the interests of a few political elites.

We are fed up with the status quo, we are tired of a political managerial class who act with little accountability and operate with token regard for the communities they are elected to serve.

Tony Benn once said: “The rotten values that have been propagated from the platform of political power in Britain” – and he was referring to the Thatcher years – “will be an infection – a virulent strain of right-wing capitalist thinking which it will take time to overcome.”

Matters were no doubt not helped by the Blair and Brown years in power, nor by the unjust past coalition of vested interests.

John F Kennedy once said: “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child”.  I now think that plot is very much alive in the hands of our own political elites.

I have always believed democracy is the most revolutionary thing in the world, because if you have power you use it to meet the needs of your community, and to give full voice to all the people in your community and not just a few.

Do we like Southwark Labour measure the price of everything and the value of nothing?  Or do you opt to redress the democratic deficit in Southwark.

With three clear values I will always take the actions needed to hold true:

We will value biodiversity.  We will value all the people.  We will value transparency:

I will fight to conserve, protect from development and enhance the natural environment of Green Dale for the benefit of wildlife and people.

I will fully recognise and fully support the contributions made by individuals who selflessly build us all such a special place to live in and enjoy.

I will demand proper scrutiny of all the grandiose spin and broken promises of Labour in Southwark.

All I promise is to be your energetic representative pursuing only the best for our community.

Written by APP Reporter

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