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Prem’s Vision for Camberwell and Peckham

Housing I will fight for massive new investment in house building and build 10,000 social homes in the next 10 years.

Every person should have a safe and secure place they can call home. We must tackle the serious shortage of homes in our community and in London. There are around 15,000 people in Southwark waiting for a home. Our housing plan is ambitious but also serious and achievable and follows many of the recommendations of the 2011 Southwark Independent Housing Report.

Jobs and Training I will create 5,000 jobs and apprenticeships in the next 5 years.

Every person should be able to work for a living and earn a fair wage. Council money should be invested back into the community by supporting local companies and residents looking for a job. This includes making sure companies and organisations, especially global ones, are giving back to the area by investing their time and expertise. I bring a global experience and track record of creating jobs to solve Southwark’s unemployment problems.

Schools I will ensure that every child gets the best education and start in life

Every parent wants their child to achieve their full potential by receiving the best education possible. I am committed to making this a reality. The building of good local primary and secondary schools must be paired with a focus on more school places to tackle the problem of over-subscription. I understand the value of getting the best education and will make sure that every local school is high achieving so that every child in Southwark can reach to the top.

Childcare I will work towards 24/7 affordable and high quality childcare services.

One of the biggest concerns for parents bringing up their children is the lack of affordable and high quality childcare. I recognise that it is beneficial for children to go to nursery so they can interact with other children and benefit from space and new environments. I will make it easier for parents to get into further training or get into work with a provision of 24 hour childcare.

Childcare I will make regeneration in Southwark work for the community at all times and make Camberwell and Peckham a cultural and commercial hotspot.

I understand the need for regeneration to modernise our towns and cities but it must work for the community. I will ensure all our communities, especially those which have been in the area for a long time, are consulted and community organisations take the lead. I will find investment for new and existing transport links and support the Bakerloo Line Extension 100%.

SMEs I will fight for 25% council spending through SMEs and lower the business tax rate.

Local businesses must be supported to ensure that they can benefit the most from the Council’s annual spending by giving local companies priority for contracts. I will also harness the great global nature of London and forge links with other countries around the world. Southwark is ready to meet the world.

Cyclists I will strive for a zero fatality goal and make Southwark the No.1 cycle safe borough in London.

More people than ever are cycling and using ‘greener’ forms of travel. I will invest time and effort to improving the safer cycling infrastructure in Southwark so that pedestrians and cyclists are safer on London’s roads and we can encourage more people to cycle.

Hospitals and GPs I will safeguard our frontline health services and ensure vital care is accessible for all when needed.

More people are going to A&E for non-emergency attention when they can’t get access to a GP. That’s why I will campaign for a 24/7 surgery in Southwark and have GPs available 7 days a week. I will make sure vital care is accessible for all when needed and work with Southwark CCG, GPs and health organisation to meet shared goals.

Older People I will make Southwark an older people and dementia friendly borough.

Too many of our older people feel isolated and disconnected from the community they have lived in for over 30 years. I will ensure that all our older people feel included by increasing their provision of services and organising more social events for them. I will recognise the contribution they have made to our community.

Environment I will make Southwark a greener and cleaner borough.

As much as we need a safe community, we need one that is clean and green where we reuse more of our resources and do not pollute our own environment. I will protect our green spaces, including trees and take action to make our community use new green technologies and become more environmentally conscious.

Stop and Search I will repeal and replace stop and search laws.

I will abolish stop and search and replace it with an evidence based approach. It is time for radical reform and no more lip service answers. The radical change in policy includes: using intelligence; employing the best and latest technology and involving the whole community. I will cut crime, increase arrest rates and build trust between the police and community.

Overstayers Amnesty I will fight for an overstayers amnesty.

I recognises that overstayers are human beings who are contributing members of our community and are woven into the fabric of our everyday life. They supported our Olympics; cheered for our football team in Brazil; support our pubs and enjoy our fish and chips. Their children play and study with our children, they ride the buses we get to work and work in the restaurants where we eat. They are British in everything but passport. It’s time for an overstayers amnesty.