Prem inspires at Treloar Talks

Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC), was invited as a keynote speaker to attend the annual Treloar Talks at Glaziers Hall on Monday 27 March.

Over 100 business leaders and distinguished guests attended the event to raise money for Treloar and hear inspirational speeches from four diverse speakers. The evening was hosted by ITN Broascaster, Treloar Patron and long standing supporter Alastair Stewart OBE.

Overall, a gross profit of £2,500 was raised at the event thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, especially Treloar’s hardworking fundraising team.

In his speech, Prem talked about his inspiration journey from his humble roots in India to owning a global business in London. He also talked about his passionate support for charities, ensuring that his “giving back account” is bigger than his bank account.

Prem’s speech was very warmly received by all those in attendance, with a few guests remarking how they felt inspired by hearing about Prem’s journey.

Other inspirational speakers included Dame Clare Tickell, former CEO of Action for Children, Tom Yendell, Treloar Alumni, and James Melville-Ross, who is a parent of twins that attend Treloar School.

Thanks to the Treloar events leadership team, including Sarah Adwick and Laura Toop, for inviting Prem to attend this event.

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