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Prem Goyal provides solutions for young people in National Youth Debate

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Yesterday, APP Leader Prem Goyal joined other political leaders and around 100 young people for a National Youth Debate in London. The debate was chaired by Guardian journalist Hugh Muir. Other panelists included Nadhim Zahawi MP, Maajid Nawaz, and Rushanara Ali MP.

The audience of passionate and knowledgeable young people asked questions on issues such as the NHS, the economy, education, the economy and more. You can see below some of the solutions Prem suggested and what people were saying on Twitter.


The audience cheered when Prem said he would personally help with CV and job advice and showed their support for Prem’s ideas on job creation. These included:

  • Short term (0-1 year)
    • A new Minister for Young People – a horizontal role that covers all government departments but specifically focuses on young people’s needs
    • Each business to employ at least 5% of their staff between 16 and 24 years old who are educated in UK schools and universities. Incentivise them by offering no business tax. Those employing more than 10% will be prioritised for government contracts
    • Create appointed, paid positions for young people in the House of Commons and House of Lords (like how we have in universities – Student Presidents etc.) to ensure politics and policies remains relevant to UK youth
  • Medium term (1-2 years)
    • Get Britain to adapt to modern lifestyles by increasing operating hours in the public sector to create more jobs. For example:
      • 24 hour tube services every day (from the current 16 hours)
      • UK court system (from the current 8 hours to 16 hours)
      • Evening classes and lessons in schools and universities (from 8 hours to 18 hours)
  • Long term (3-5 years)
    • Require universities to provide “a degree with a job” upon graduation, not just a degree
    • Create job centres in overseas job markets to facilitate jobs and training

Prem NYD debate4

We’d like to thank Hasina Khatun, My Voice My Vote coordinator, and her team for inviting us to participate in the debate and all the young people for giving us a thorough grilling!

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