Prem Goyal on Surprise Radio 96.4FM

APP’s MP candidate for Camberwell & Peckham, Prem Goyal, made an appearance on Surprise Radio 96.4FM yesterday.

Prem talked about the lack of equality at the top of politics we are facing, especially in Southwark. He was thrilled that the Nigerian community is supporting APP and share’s APP’s vision of achieving equality at the top in Southwark and beyond.

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Prem also answered questions on housing, jobs and stop and search. Prem said he will build 10,000 new social homes in Southwark over 10 years, create 5,000 new local jobs and apprenticeships over 5 years and campaign for an overhaul of stop and search laws.

Diverse Southwark is backing Prem because of his 20 years of real life experience and deep roots in Southwark. Prem is a role model, especially for our young people.

Many thanks to 96.4FM for having Prem on the show and to Honourable Oluwole for facilitating the appearance.

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