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Prem Goyal nominated for National Diversity Award


APP’s Prem Goyal has been nominated for a 2015 National Diversity Award. He was nominated for the Positive Role Model for race, faith and religion.

The National Diversity Awards seek to honour charities, role models and communtiy heroes who showcase the outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion, thus embracing the excellence of all our citizens.

On his nomination, Prem said, “I’m both thrilled and humbled to have been nominated for this prestigious award. I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me. I’ll continue to work hard and promote diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion for all across Britain.”

You can read Prem’s story and why he was nominated here:

Prem’s story began 7,000km away from here in India. He had a humble childhood, growing up in a Hindu family as the youngest of 11 children and going to state schools in Delhi. During his summers as a child, he would stay at his sister’s house. Her place had no bathroom, no running water and one electric light – when it worked. He fondly remembers collecting five buckets of buffalo dung every day, which he would shape into pancakes, slap on the wall to dry and then use for fuel. Prem was the dung collector champion in those days!

Through hard work at school Prem won entry to the Indian Institute of Technology, a top engineering school, and with the support of his family he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1986.

Based on his academic performance, Prem was then awarded a scholarship for a Master’s degree in New York State, USA. However, his excitement at flying for the first time was short lived. The second he stepped off the plane Prem felt like a fish out of water: in a different culture, with a language barrier and only $20 to get him through his first week until his meagre scholarship money came through.

Temples had been part of Prem’s daily life in India, but he could not find any in his new environment. So Prem took the opportunity to attend local churches and faith events instead. Participating in such events, he made new friends and started to build his self-esteem in a new country.

To root himself in his new community, Prem volunteered as a paramedic and fire fighter. He told himself that he had not come to America to settle for less than his dreams – he would work day and night to overcome all obstacles until he had his own successful business.

Despite suffering from a brain haemorrhage, with the help of his roommates he overcame the setback, recovered, stayed focused on his studies, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering. Three years later, having worked overtime at every opportunity while saving every penny, Prem had saved the $50,000 he needed to pursue his next dream of gaining top business skills by doing an MBA degree.

In 1992 Prem graduated from UCLA with the Dean’s Outstanding Student Award, the highest honour given to any student. Then Prem landed his first job on Wall Street after being interviewed no less than 31 times for the role. To learn more about his new colleagues, Prem went out of his comfort zone as much as possible to understand their faiths and customs, including celebrating religious holidays and festivals with them.

Prem then went on to work for top global companies in North America, Asia and Europe. Armed with his savings, business acumen and global education, Prem realised his dream and launched his own company, Global Markets Consultants (GMC), a management consulting firm in London and New York in 2002. Prem’s clients and consultants represented all religions and continents. His success in business was built on his unique ability to break down barriers, share stories and build family-like relationships amongst diverse teams. One way Prem achieved this was by holding events to mark major religious festivals and making community participation worth 30% of employees’ annual performance reviews.

In 2006, Prem proudly became a UK citizen.

For charity Prem has raised £150k by completing challenges such as the London Marathon, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, cycling 500km in Vietnam and walking 100km in the Sahara Desert, to name a few.

He has made an impact in the community by making inspirational speeches in front of thousands of young people at schools, colleges, churches, mosques and faith events, and by helping organise a party for over 300 elderly people from diverse backgrounds on Christmas Day every year. In addition, Prem has contributed through a number of roles, including serving as a Justice of the Peace, charity trustee, school governor and Patron of a number of local community organisations.

To improve multi-cultural integration, he has brought together over 5,000 people by organising and/or sponsoring about 25 events including Black History Month, diversity and Eid celebrations.

In recognition of his contribution, Prem was awarded an OBE in 2012 for services to the economy and promoting charitable giving.

In 2013 Prem founded and became Leader of All People’s Party (APP) to promote the untapped leadership potential of Britain’s diverse population and bring his entrepreneurial flair to politics. APP empowers talented people from minority backgrounds to become councillors and MPs and supports those who want to realise their political dreams. Twenty minority leaders have already taken this unique opportunity by contesting as councillors in the May 2014 local elections and MP candidates in the 2015 general election.

By mobilising tens of thousands of residents to engage with democracy, Prem has discovered over 100 leaders, many of whom are from diaspora communities and were talented leaders back in their mother counties, who long to make a difference. Prem encourages them to become leaders in Britain.

Prem has shown that throughout his journey he is proudest when he is positively affecting people’s lives, enacting change and being a role model for others to follow. To further racial equality, Prem has committed 100% of his talent, time and £2million in savings since 2013. He passionately believes the UK does best when we tap 100% of the talent at our disposal, just like we did for the London Olympics and it is his dream for a minority to be UK Prime Minister by 2035.

Written by APP Reporter

APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.