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Policies & Manifesto

All People’s Party will deliver real practical solutions solve the problems our community faces.


Our key policies include:

  • Building 10,000 social homes 
  • Creating 5,000 jobs and apprenticeships
  • Ensuring all our schools are high achieving
  • Making every borough cycle safe
  • Making every borough older people and dementia friendly
  • Making every borough greener, cleaner and safer
  • Replacing Stop and Search with an evidence based, practical approach
  • Introducing an overstayers immigration amnesty 


Read APP’s 2015 Manifesto in full here




Housing Jobs and Training Schools
Decent homes for all by 2025 Decent jobs for all by 2020 New schools and vocational colleges by 2020
24/7 childcare by 2020






SMEs Cyclists Transport
25% of Council spending through SMEs by 2020 Safer roads, roundabouts and cycle lanes by 2020 A better connected borough by 2020
Hospitals and GPs Older People Environment
Extend GP hours and a 24-hour surgery by 2020 An older people and dementia friendly borough by 2020 A greener and cleaner borough by 2020
Regeneration Stop and Search Overstayers Amnesty
Build the future for the community, by the community, by 2020 Repeal and replace stop and search by 2020 An immigration amnesty for overstayers by 2020






Economy NHS and Health Universities
A fair economy that works for everyone Protect and ring fence frontline NHS services Access to the top universities for every child in Britain
Crime and Police Immigration Political Reform
A diverse police force and a safer Britain Immigration reform by 2025 More accountable and transparent politics in Britain