Don’t Fall for the Jobs Data Deception

The June nonfarm payrolls report blew past expectations, with 287,000 jobs created versus 175,000 expected.

This is a stark contrast to the downward revision for May, which left the month at just 11,000 jobs created. That’s a substantial shift from month to month, but it’s important to point out that a large part of these new jobs are low-paying seasonal positions.

In fact, leisure and hospitality (think hotels, restaurants, etc.) saw an increase of 59,000 jobs, more than double its 27,000 average for the year. We also saw a bump of 14,000 jobs added by performing arts and spectator sports, as many families spend the summer doing activities with their kids.

Another 39,000 jobs “created” in June were the result of a strike ending at Verizon. Retail, which is also a seasonal sector, added 30,000 jobs.

That’s roughly an added 142,000 jobs related to seasonal trends and a one-off strike ending.

In short, the jobs report is a very noisy picture of our economy – one that doesn’t give you the whole picture.

The reality is that our economy is on much shakier ground than this latest report portrays. Let me explain…

After the June jobs data was released, the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 100 points and left investors with hopes of a stronger economy in the second half of the year.

But that’s not likely the case.

I focus on broader economic data that is less noisy and more concrete than an estimated jobs report.

I’m talking about durable goods orders. The data is heavily watched by economists and investors, and is used to gain a firmer grasp on economic growth. Currently, this data point is signaling that a bull-market-killing recession may be just around the corner.

Not So Durable Goods

The advance report for May durable goods orders fell 2.2%, compared to expectations for a 0.5% decline. Durable goods orders, which include items ranging from machinery and metals to transportation equipment and computers, are a sign of what corporations are willing to spend on investments.

A declining durable goods orders report, like we saw in May, is telling us that corporations reduced spending in May. One month is just one month though…

Orders increase consistently going into each of these recessions, and then fall off. What we are seeing this time is more of stagnant growth… so far, anyway. We have yet to see orders fall off a cliff yet, but as the latest orders show, we are nearing that cliff.

What a lot of analysts will do is strip out the transportation equipment orders, since these can have extreme swings, like the 5.6% drop in May and the 8.5% rise in April. Once we take out that data, it’s considered core capital goods.

In May, core capital goods orders fell 0.7%, the fifth decline in the past seven months.

Income Despite a Fading Bull Market

Add to this weak data the sluggish 1.1% growth rate in the first quarter of this year and ongoing declines in corporate profit and revenue, and we have an economy on the brink of a recession.

This is something I have explained recently: Our seven-year bull market is on its last legs and may very well be dying of old age. What this means is that our Federal Reserve’s hands are tied – interest rates can’t go higher from here. At least not for another decade or so.

That’s why I continue to hunt for the best possible ways to generate stable and consistent income, regardless of the market environment.

In a no-income world, you don’t have to settle for a measly 1.25% from a bank CD, or even the 2% from the average S&P 500 stock.

Instead, I look to consistently generate yields of more than 10% – more than five times the alternatives mentioned above.

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Pharmacy Technician Jobs – Positive Aspects

There often are several different positive aspects to pharmacy technician jobs. Individuals that become interested in this profession usually are looking to be of assistance to other people. These people will be given an amazing opportunity to help others every day of their career. This is advantageous for people that want to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Individuals in this profession will be given the opportunity to help customers understand the medication that they are taking. This is advantageous because the social action will be good for the person that is performing the job. Customers usually appreciate when they are able to understand what they are putting into their body.

People involved with this profession also will have the ability to work closely with the pharmacist to make completely certain that medications are being distributed properly. Answering customer questions is also important so that there is not interaction between medications. People involved with this line of employment often will be able to explain things very clearly to individuals.

People that are involved with this work will also make sure that paperwork is filed properly. Documentation is a very important part of this profession. When a person has the ability to stay organized and they will be very successful in this line of making money. Organization is important so that mistakes do not happen when medication is dispensed.

These individuals will also help to make sure that there are no problems between different medications that a patient is taking. The responsibilities of an individual that has this job will vary throughout the day. The various responsibilities will make the job extremely enjoyable for anyone that has chosen this career path.

Interacting with medical professionals is also part of the responsibilities. Clarifying information in regards to prescriptions can also be part of the job description. Performing this task is extremely valuable so that people do not wind up taking the wrong medications. It will be very clear to understand the obligations involved with this type of employment.

Pharmacy technician jobs are very interesting and challenging. People that are making valid attempts to look for a fantastic job that will keep them intellectually stimulated will be very pleased with this career choice. When an individual has the opportunity to remain intellectually stimulated when performing their job they will usually succeed very well. Professional success is very important to individuals who are part of this line of work.

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Smart Interviewing For Construction Jobs – Crafts Jobs and Other Building Trade Jobs

Interviewing within the construction and building industry to find construction jobs is sometimes a bit unique from other industries. This is an industry where decisions are often made on the spot, and seeking construction jobs means being prepared to settle on an offer during your first meeting.

The best advice when on a construction trade job interview is that this event may be the most important career advancement step that you will ever take. You may think it’s possible to sail up the ranks of a company culture while being recognized for your ability and competence or never have to sell yourself or endure the rigors of a construction jobs interview. However, in today’s competitive workplace, it is almost impossible to advance your construction career (even within your own firm) without learning how to interview effectively. With every step up the corporate ladder, there are job evaluations and construction interviews (formal or otherwise) which determine who moves up and whom stays put.

The purpose of the construction interview is to win a construction job offer that you can accept. Job interviewing for any other reason isn’t worth the risk of exposure if you are currently employed. It isn’t worth the possibility of damaging your reputation if you are being perceived as using a good-faith, external offer in order to advance your construction career internally – or using it to gain information about external pay. If you are simply interested in learning about other firms and other job opportunities, there are safer and better ways to do this. You can discuss your concerns and test interview with construction recruiters or construction headhunters. If you decide to submit your construction resume for an interview, then you should decide to win at the construction interview and get an acceptable construction job offer.

As with most victories, winning at an interview means that you must be willing too work at preparation. You will need to develop skills and learn how to perform under a variety of circumstances – with a variety of personalities.

Don’t sell yourself short by going into a construction position or building trades job interview trying to learn about the construction vacancy. You should already have done your research before the meeting and go into the interview with the single goal of lading a construction jobs offer. Remember the purpose of submitting a construction resume is to obtain a job interview. The purpose of a job interview is to get an offer. Going on an interview with less of a goal may compromise your option to obtain an offer in the future.

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Hypnosis, the Naked Truth and Steve Jobs

My immediate response to the success story of the late Steve Jobs was how exactly do you define what constitutes a success story? A success story can vary dramatically from one person to another.

For example some people consider finding a job and supporting a family to be their success story, while some people may feel that if they heal from a traumatic event or a terrible accident, then they are success story. So being a success story really depends on the point of view of the individual concerned.

This brings me to Steve Jobs (RIP), as Apple said: “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know, and work with Steve have lost a dear friend, and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

True, Steve Jobs was a genius, and he had a massive influence on global markets as well as billions of lives. And as we all know now, there was more to Steve job’s personal life than anyone of us could have known.

When he was 17, Jobs read a quote that went something like: “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” This quote made a truly profound impression on him, and since then, for the past 33 years or so, he looked in the mirror daily, asking himself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer had been “No” for too many days in a row, he knew he had to change something.

Telling himself that he’d be dead soon is the most important tool he could think of to help him make all the big choices in his life. Because almost everything; external expectations, pride, fear, embarrassment or failure fall away in the face of death, leaving behind only what is truly important. Remembering that he would die was going to be the best way he knew to avoid the trap of thinking he had something to lose. As he said, you are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

But did he truly follow his heart? Or was he simply suppressing negative emotional feelings deep inside not wanting to deal with them, and as a result he became very ill.

As a hypnotherapist I understand only to well the power of mind body connection. I have to wonder, would it have been possible if he did learn how to deal with his negative emotions, to forgive the people who gave him up for adoption, would our Steve Jobs still be alive today?

I have no doubts. Research has shown clear evidence that stress, anxiety, fear, anger, emotional problems or comfort eating etc, are the biggest trigger to most illnesses. Subconscious self-sabotaging is highly dangerous and can prove fatal!

Think about how many people you know who died of cancer or other serious illnesses?

The disease is created mainly by anger, and rage, vehemently eating us inside. We are all of us familiar with the proverbial saying, “what’s eating you up?”

Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the U.S. Pancreatic, stomach, liver, colon, and lung cancers being among the most prevalent.

Cancers thrive in toxic environments so the real issue for dealing with cancer now is to understand that our anger, depression, suppressed emotions etc can create the kind of toxic acidic blood chemistry in which cancer will flourish. In comparison an alkaline environment will suppress the spread of cancer, and we create that environment based on what we eat, what we think and what we feel. It is literally how badly or how well we treat our bodies.

So how do we create the perfect environment to attack the cancer?

Clearly what we need to do is to start looking after ourselves, cultivating good habits, good eating, and wholesome thinking. As the corner pin to aid us in all these areas we utilize the three H’s:

* Hypnosis

* Hypnosis

* Hypnosis

My heart goes out to all those who loved Steve Jobs. We will never really know if by promoting good mental and physical health he would still be with us but by adopting the right attitude in our own daily lives and looking after our bodies we might strive to keep cancers and other toxic inspired illnesses at bay.

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What Jobs Are Safe From Automation?

The road to automation requires robots to collaborate with humans, rather than simply replacing them altogether. Majority of jobs will still require human intervention to some degree.

The risk of job automation is highest in predictable, manual, and repetitive work environments and in industries with lower regulations.

The risk of automation is lower in unstructured, dynamic, and unpredictable work environments and in industries involving high regulatory scrutiny.

U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs, for example, employed over 600 stock traders at its peak. Thanks to machine-learning algorithms capable of making complex trades, these 600 traders have been reduced to just two. Instead, about one-third of its workforce is now employed as computer engineers.

Amazon, for example, is using 45,000 robots in their warehouses. But at the same time, it is creating thousands of new jobs for humans in its fulfillment centers.

We know that robots are not good at gripping, picking, and handling items in unstructured environments.

Risk of job automation is highest in predictable work environments and in industries with lower regulations. This includes jobs or tasks that are manual and repetitive.

This has happened to manufacturing. It is now impacting over 10.5 million jobs in restaurants, janitorial roles, and warehouses.

In hospitality, the ease of automation is high for repetitive and manual tasks like making coffee or preparing specific dishes. This is particularly true in environments with highly structured processes and menus.

Many startups are working on digital payment and tabletop-ordering software to replace the tasks of cashiers and servers.

Expertise automation and augmentation software (EaaS) is fast replacing entry-level white collar jobs in areas like law (e.g., automatic document analysis and auditing), media (e.g., AI-based news curation and summaries), and even software development.

The good news is that the risk of automation is lower in unstructured or unpredictable work environments. This includes industries involving high regulatory scrutiny.

In healthcare, dynamic decision making in unpredictable work environments makes these patient-facing jobs hard to automate, especially when there is a high degree of emotional intelligence required.

Although trucking is at high risk of automation, this is unlikely to happen widely in the next decade due to regulatory challenges. While technology has the potential to reduce manual labor, it faces regulatory challenges as it still requires a human driver for non-highway driving.

The construction industry, for example, is unstructured and dynamic. It requires human supervision.

Retraining and reskilling employees will be a recurring theme in the future of work. Future-proofing jobs will require constant re-skilling, re-learning, and acquiring of or updated skills and experience so that we can be always future-ready and job-ready and being safe from automation.

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Jobs Teaching English Overseas

Jobs teaching English overseas are plentiful for college graduates with a TESOL certificate. TESOL is an abbreviation of Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages.

The highest paying jobs are university jobs and go to the people with some teaching experience and a teaching degree. However, there are plenty of jobs for those with a bachelor’s degree and a TESOL certificate. There are even some jobs where only a TESOL certificate will suffice.The best jobs are given to teachers with experience and a teaching certification, however there are many good jobs which do not require teaching certification if a TESOL certificate is obtained. The preferred age is between 20 and 30 although 50 years is not too old. Many countries expect you to retire in your 60’s so it is harder to get a job at this age. Some countries prefer women to teach young children, but again gender is not always a factor. A country which pays well and has a great demand for teachers is China.

There are government schools, private schools, language schools and corporate training classes in most countries with jobs teaching English overseas. The government schools do not pay as well as the private schools, but the jobs are easier to get. Asia is known for paying higher salaries, but sometimes the cost of living is also higher there than other places.

The schools which provide TESOL certification often can help with job search as well as work visas and other requirements for getting in the country. It is important to research the requirements for a work visa; most countries require a bachelor’s degree, although in countries where there is a great demand, this may not be a requirement. There are a few places which do not require a bachelor’s degree for jobs teaching English overseas, however, most of the desirable employers will.

The easiest way to get a job teaching English overseas would be to take a TESOL certification course from a school which will help you find employment in the country of your choice. There are agencies which will get you a job, but you must be careful that they do not take a big cut of your salary. Before you commit, do your research and make sure you have a constitution which is adventurous and willing to experience some ups and downs as getting used to a new culture, especially when you don’t know the language can initially be difficult.

Most people who take the step to get their TESOL certificate, however, find a great deal of satisfaction in obtaining a job teaching English overseas.

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What You Wear May Have An Effect On Getting Those Civil, Electrician Or Construction Jobs

Did you know 85 percent of communication is non-verbal during an interview, so what you wear really needs to give you the advantage and put you in the best light. What’s the best colour shirt or outfit to wear to an interview for one of the civil engineering jobs or electrician jobs you have applied?

Colour does matter, even if you are taking one of the construction jobs as a part of a crew. If you want to make a good first impression, look at the colour of the outfit that you may wear for interview.

Blue – Twenty-three percent of hiring professionals said they preferred blue. Wearing different hues could help you get that civil engineering job or one of the open electrician jobs. Why wear blue? It inspires confidence, but be careful about wearing too much navy. It could make you seem slightly conservative.

Since the electrician and construction jobs can be trade jobs, you may want to wear more casual clothing to a job interview like collared shirt trousers. If you are going for interview at a large company, add a jacket and a tie. Above all, you should not forget to clean and polish the shoes!

Grey – It is the second most popular colour to wear to an interview and it can denote sophistication. Use this to your advantage when trying to win any civil engineer job. You may help the recruiter to keep focused on what you have to say, so make sure you can sell yourself well in 30 seconds.

White – It may be one of the best shirt colours to wear if you are trying to get one of the civil engineer jobs a recruiter has opened. This colour means a person is organised and you can use this to your advantage. It’s a safe bet and also sends a message of simplicity, cleanliness, and goodness.

Yellow, orange, or purple – All these colours signal you are a very creative person and they may not benefit you well when applying for any construction jobs or electrician jobs. They tend to say you are fun and attract attention, but you may not be committed or stay focused on the task. They are fine with social hours or happy hour and even in-house meetings, but you may not want to wear them to an interview.

Have you had an experience where what you were wearing landed you a job? Does colour really matter when you apply for any civil engineering jobs or other jobs? Strong Group is a leading provider of fully qualified professional staff for full and part-time vacancies at the regional area. They operate in Construction, Civil Engineering, Rail, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, HVAC and Mechanical & Electrical building services in the commercial, retail, public, and industrial sectors.

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10 Jobs With High Pay and High Satisfaction

People are generally happiest in their jobs when they do something fulfilling or that they are passionate about. Confucious says, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Love doesn't run the world though, money does (unfortunately.) All of these jobs are listed not only pay very well but also have reportedly high satisfaction ratings.

User Experience Designers have an average annual pay of $ 79,100. These specialized designers are the ones behind the user interfaces and other elements that make the things we interact with every day more "user friendly." This can be anything from making a website more visually appealing to making your car's buttons and dials easier to distinguish and operate.

Since this job usually has you running the show, you don't have to worry about the stress of doing things you don't want to do. Sounds like a great career to me!

An Interior Design Director makes an average annual pay of $ 79,300. Good interior design has become a staple in almost every building that has people in it! It has been shown that great interior design contributes to increased productivity, market value, and personal well-being. This career is rapidly growing in popularity and competition, so be ready to put your best designs forward and stick to your guns.

Using your design talents on a daily basis and enriching people lives through your creations is a great feeling. Take a career in design and you can feel that every day you go in to work. Not a bad salary to top it off, either!

High School Principals make an average annual pay of $ 82,200. Principals often get a bad rap for being all fire and brimstone, but not only keeping the students in line in addition to supervising the faculty AND keeping the parents happy is a monumental task. There are several hoops you have to go through to attain this position, but the job can be very rewarding if you are personally invested in your community and are eager to shape young peoples' minds. This job should be in very high demand within the next couple of years, because most principals will be retiring.

Aeronautical Engineers make an average annual pay of $ 82,800. Ever since the sad tale of Daedalus and Icarus was told right up to when the Wright Brothers learned how to show humans can fly, people have been around to try to expand on this phenomenon. Only for a little while in Human history has this career been given a proper name: The Aeronautical Engineers. These inventors of the world have been hard at work to modernize that same effort. If you share this timeless passion you can join their ranks, and continue the legacy that Humankind has been trying to attain since the events have been recorded and passed down through generations.

Economists usually make about $ 85,600. If you're a number-cruncher and you love organizing and quantifying things, you may have a calling to be a natural economist. People value things like their money, the world's natural resources, and even how they spend their time so much. Enough to hire someone and pay them to predict what may hold for those items and others. This is one of the cushiest government jobs you can get, and one of the most important for preventing global starvation or thirst, or predicting the crash of our economy. All in a day's work for the everyday economist!

Nonprofit Organization Presidents get paid well at $ 89,500 or so. Being not only in charge of a great cause, but also leaving a great impact on the world are just two of the great achievements you strive for every day being president of a nonprofit organization. The other benefit is you receive just under 6 figures of income!

A Materials Scientist gets paid $ 90,600 or so. People who find alternatives to the toxic chemicals we use every day are at a premium. If you have an urge to find out what things are composed of and are great at thinking outside the box. If you have a strong affinity for making new products and finding new uses for things that most people would throw away, you might be able to make a great living off of that passion!

Optometrists make on average $ 99,200 annually. In this field you'll be finding out peoples' vision problems, and helping with eye-related diseases. With people staring at computer screens all day, the Optometry field is booming, and with a great work ethic you can get a piece of that lovely pie.

Nurse Anesthetists bring home an average annual pay of $ 152,000. In addition to a 6 figure pay salary, you get the personal satisfaction of helping people deal with pain, and getting them relief from it. Your job is well structured and you are always in demand. Definitely a great field if you want to make money but also help people who are hurting!

Accounting Firm Partner's average annual pay is $ 164,000. This job is great for people who like numbers but want to make more than an accountant. You must pass a special exam to become certified, but when you do, you'll be plunged deep into a field of study that is rapidly growing. The pay does not hurt, either!

These careers not only provide great satisfaction, but also great pay, it's a win-win!

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Construction Jobs Interview – 6 Top Methods to Get One

Today’s job hunter faces great challenges when seeking employment within the construction industry. The market in A/E/C (construction, architecture and engineering) for hiring has been very slow, and at some points have reached over 20% unemployment, making this industry one of the most difficult markets to work in. However, the good news is, even in the toughest markets, there are still 80% of the people within this industry are employed. There are many ways to obtain a construction job interview, but some are more effective than others. Job interviewing is obtained from a variety of sources, many of which are offline but many are now online. When job hunting in the A/E/C industry. Job candidates need to stay focused on their network of contacts within the industry, and on niche resources advertising construction jobs.

Below are the top 6 ways to obtain a construction job interview. Job seekers should focus on utilizing all methods simultaneously in today’s tough employment environment.

1. Private Or Unadvertised Construction Job Openings

About three out of four construction management hires, including those handled by construction search firms, take place through private or unadvertised construction job openings (openings unknown to the public). These construction jobs are the most confidential and difficult to find, but have the greatest potential for job flexibility and obtaining an exceptional construction salary and compensation.

Private openings are often rarely managed with more than a few candidate interviews before a hire takes place. You need to be one of those.

Even when there are no current construction job opportunities available, an employer can often create a construction job opening when the right candidate comes along, even in the worst of times. Some employers will want to upgrade their weak links during a down turn, while others want to expand and capture market share while their competition is holding back.

You need “to come along” before the construction job opening becomes public. That’s where networking comes in. A recommendation from an influential referral fosters immediate trust and respect from a potential employer, and can provide you treatment as a choice candidate.

2. Private Networking

In your Rolodex or contact manager, research your list of key contacts. Also look through your industry’s association membership directory, and call every one you know who has a job in your field that might be willing to help you with job leads. In many cases, your close friends and business associates will be the best sources for job leads and referrals. They are also most likely to respect your confidentiality and offer their genuine help. In addition, they may even be able to refer you to a construction recruiter or other construction employment resources.

They might also be good references and sources for ideas as to what is going on in your market, who is hiring and what firms are doing well.

3. Direct Solicitation

Another good way to obtain a construction job interview is to directly solicit construction employers of choice. Research the industry and identify six to ten primary targets for your search.

Within these target firms, identify the direct construction hiring authority (immediate construction manager of the construction position you seek) and contact him/her directly. Try to obtain a personal meeting by stating your construction employment interest. You can email them, fax them, send them a letter in the postal mail or call them. Contacting subcontractors or suppliers to see who can give you an introduction is also a good idea.

Another approach is to find out where the supervisor frequents such as a industry trade association, or other facility that would foster a chance meeting. Of course, the least effective and most risky means to contact the supervisor is through the mail. However, if you intend to send something through the mail, use express mail in order to get the proper attention. A direct solicitation risks exposure and may not be the best approach if you are concerned with confidentiality. Even if you ask the employer to respect your privacy, you are still vulnerable, unless you are unemployed and are not concerned with who might intercept your letter.

4. Construction Recruiters

For private or public openings, construction executive recruiters and construction headhunters are experts in penetrating their specialized industry and locating reputable construction companies with attractive opportunities. Construction recruiters can introduce you to well-tailored construction job opportunities with little or no effort on your part. They will keep it confidential. To locate a construction recruiter in your specialty, try to get a referral from a colleague, a local construction trades association, or your competitor’s Human Resources department. A couple of other good sources are Kennedy Publication’s Directory of Executive Recruiters , or the Recruiter’s Online Network at

Be sure to find a construction executive recruiter who highly recommended for his or her professionalism, performance, and ethics. From the start, emphasize to your construction recruiter that your name and credentials must remain anonymous to potential employers unless you authorize release. Ask construction recruiters to contact you only at home, or in your private office, and only with construction opportunities that fit your construction career plan. Good executive recruiters can work within these requirements and may even arrange construction interviews without submitting your construction resume.

Like any brokers, construction recruiters work hardest for candidates who can help them close a sale. Such candidates have a marketable background, are clear on what they want, and are likely to accept a fair offer (usually a 10 to 15% salary increase). Unwillingness to job move immediately, or an unwillingness to accept a fair offer, will discourage recruiters from working with you.

Remember that construction recruiters work for client construction companies, so you may need to wait for the right opportunity. Make sure you get to know two or three pros, and stick with them.

5. Construction Classified or Help Wanted Ads

Advertised construction openings are generally the least effective way to obtain a construction job interview. For employers, using ads is inefficient, expensive and time-consuming usually a last resort. So when you come to an employer’s attention by this route, you are associated with an unpleasant process and with a horde of candidates that the construction company must wade through.

Sending a construction resume is simply not effective. A recent survey from The Department of Labor reported that only 5 out of 100 American jobholders obtained their positions through newspaper want ads. Other surveys indicate that the figure is closer to 2 out of 100. Most resume readers take less than 5 seconds per resume to decide if the construction resume gets looked over or pushed to the rejection pile.

Responding to ads also risks your reputation and confidentiality. Your construction resume may fall into the hands of junior-level administrators, or it gets entered into corporate data banks (perused by anyone who has access to the Human Resources files). This scenario is unlikely to lead to an appropriate offer.

If you do elect to market yourself through advertised openings, check out each construction job opportunity via your network before contacting the company. Try to find out why the construction job opening was not filled privately, how long the search has gone on, and what problems have affected the firm and the incumbent who held the construction position.

In pursuing an advertised opening, you can improve your chances by writing an effective cover letter and by responding to the construction job ad within the first four days. Try to send a construction resume only after speaking to the construction hiring authority and concluding that both parties believe you are the “right” candidate. Interview only with an authority able to offer you a construction job. Bypassing those who have been assigned the rudimentary task of advertising and screening for the construction position (usually the Human Resources Department, office managers, assistants, or secretaries) greatly improves your odds of getting a construction interview. Good sources for advertised construction positions are building trades journals and construction magazines, local construction newspapers, and the online job boards and blogs.

6. Internet Construction Classified Ads

Internet construction ads are generally no more effective than printed ads when it comes to getting a construction interview. However, they usually are more abundant, easier to find, and easier to solicit. In order to increase the odds of success, focus your search by locating construction job databases that specialize in your specific industry such as online blogs, employer directories and job boards like ConstructionExecutive (dotcom) an TradeJobsOnline (dotcom).

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Top Legit Online Jobs For College Students

There is nothing better than a student who has enough money to meet his or her personal needs. Student employment comes with lots of benefits and considering how important money is for students, the online platform offers these benefits on a silver platter. If you are a college student, your online job options are many and you can choose to gain that little financial freedom you wish to enjoy. Even though the online jobs don’t have the potential to turn you into an overnight millionaire, they will go a long way in saving your financial worries.

The good thing about online jobs is that they offer you flexible working hours so you are able to concentrate on your studies as well. They can boost your resume, give you fair pay and stimulate you mentally besides keeping the interest going. There is, however the need to choose legit jobs so your efforts don’t get wasted along the way instead of coming in handy for you. Here are some of the top legit online jobs you can take up.

1. Online surveys – Market research has become very important for companies in the development of products, services and campaigns that fetch the desired impact and reaction from the target audience. You can participate in the surveys to help such companies attain their strategies as you get paid in the process. Find legitimate survey sites, register and take part in the surveys to get your money and other incentives.

2. Game playing – This might not sound realistic, but it is actually possible for you to get paid playing games. It is a fun job for students who love the gaming world and will fetch you money as you enjoy the games. Most game publishers use game testers to run and test new games and this way you can make money. There are also online companies willing to pay new members to the gaming sites as a way of boosting the popularity of such sites. You will find several gaming sites open to students.

3. Writing content – If you enjoy reading and writing, you might be just fit for this job. Your writing skills can take you higher and earn you a decent living while still in school. Your own creativity can set you apart and streamline your income when taking part in writing content. Fortunately the writing jobs are not that hard to find since there are reputable sites you can rely on to ensure all your efforts get rewarded.

4. Freelancing – It is another great job option for students and one that does pay off. The good thing about freelancing is that you get to choose what you are good at and offer your services to those who need them the most. It could be anything from writing articles, blog posts, virtual assistant jobs and handling accounting projects among many others. There are sites with comprehensive lists of available jobs you can do in your own time to make money. This is one of the best online jobs for college students, especially for the numerous choices available.

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