My trustee role helping London’s homeless

connection at st martins 2

One of my community roles is as a trustee of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields charity. I have been on the trustee board for about two years. More people are turning towards charities like CSTM as well as local food banks with individuals and families struggle to make ends meet, making our work all the more important.

Last year I introduced the concept of benchmarking to the board. We have identified some key performance indicators to focus on and learnt more about the areas where we need to improve our services. We have also found out where the charity needs to strengthen.

In addition, I’ve suggested introducing a 360 degree feedback system to help CSTM monitor and evaluate their client and staff experiences.

Once again, The Connection launched it’s annual Christmas Appeal in partnership with BBC Radio 4 in December. You can still join us and donate to the appeal here:

Written by Prem Goyal

Prem is a City entrepreneur, political activist and community organiser. He is a Magistrate, charity Trustee and active Patron to a number of community organisations in Southwark.