Madonna reaches out to the Croydon community

Madonna Campaigning 23 April (5)

APP candidate for Croydon & Sutton, Madonna Lewis, engaged with over 1000 people in Croydon Town Centre on Saturday 23 April, urging them to reject the status quo and vote her on 5 May.

Madonna Campaigning 23 April (2) - 2

Along with her campaign team, Madonna spoke to members of the public from all walks of life about the issues they want to see addressed in the area.

Madonna Campaigning 23 April (3)

Some of the biggest issues that people informed Madonna about was the shortage of youth clubs and general youth programmes in the area, lack of affordable homes and poor quality transport links.

Madonna Campaigning 23 April (4)

Madonna pledged to each and every person she engaged with that she would address all of their issues at the highest level after she gets elected on 5 May.

Madonna Campaigning 23 April (6)

After the day out campaigning, Madonna said that many of the people she talked to said that after talking to her, they were open to the possibility of voting for APP.

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