London Assembly candidates urge action from supporters

Amadu, Ajaratu and Madonna support night 2

Over 40 guests attended the supporter appreciation night of APP London Assembly candidates Amadu Kanumansa, Ajaratu Bangura and Madonna Lewis at Thurlow Lodge Community Hall on Saturday 23 April.

When making their speeches, all the candidates emphasised what APP and themselves are fighting for in this election, including a 24/7 tube service on all lines by 2020, 32,000 affordable homes constructed every year and more minority and women police officers in senior positions of the Metropolitan Police by 2024.

The candidates urged all of their supporters to spread the word to others to ensure they get elected.

Amadu, Ajaratu and Madonna support night 3

The event was attended by Prem Goyal, APP Leader, who addressed the crowd by imploring them to continue supporting their local leaders, who have a good chance of being elected to parliament in 2020 so they can represent their issues at the highest level.

Prem Goyal rounded off his speech by saying that together with everyone’s help, they can achieve equality at the top and promote social inclusion for all Londoners.

Thank you to Amadu, Ajaratu and Madonna for organising this wonderful campaign event.

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