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Leadership Opportunities Now for All

Our Vision Equality at the top 2015 Manifesto


APP will provide leadership opportunities for people of all races and ages at the top now. It is unacceptable that tight knit cliques can control access to top leadership positions.

Our talented young people and community champions want opportunities now. They don’t want to go through the current bureaucratic political party system and for their skills to be hugely underutilised for the rest of their lives.

APP Politics 201 training 2

Communities across Britain are getting tired of career politicians who have spent their whole life in Parliament without any real life experience. Even after 10 years in Westminster it is easy to get detached from the realities constituents face every day.  APP want fresh ideas and perspectives in politics at all times:

  • APP will make sure our politicians serve for a maximum of two terms at a time.
  • This allows community champions who are passionate about their community to have a fair chance of becoming politicians.
  • APP will look to co-opt residents to sit at meetings, such as Cabinet / community council meetings to ensure residents’ voices are heard at the highest levels.
  • APP will always encourage and support those who have leadership potential and want to represent their community.