It is time to legislate for clean air

It is high time the Government do something about the quality of air in London. Poor air quality is the silent health problem everyone in London faces and it is no wonder that our GP surgeries have to deal with more and more children with asthma. The problem is that the air we are breathing is more and more polluted and because we cannot see these particles we don’t get angry about our politicians failure to deal with air pollution. If the water from our taps changed colour because of pollution we would all be demanding action but while we cannot see these tiny particles in the air they enter our lungs and damage our health without daily protest from us.

The culprit is the diesel engine and new technology can drive this pollutant off our roads but because no one is prepared to stand up and legislate to make sure our lorries and cars use the best clean engines we can produce the pollution continues uncontrolled.

It’s time for change and time for an independent voice in Parliament that stands for the things that matter and give us all quality of life. It’s time to get serious about the lorries that are the major air polluters and time to understand that caring for our precious environment means that we have to be able to breathe clean air. The fact is that caring for our environment starts with clean air and successive governments have played lip service to this and should now hang their heads in shame that the Courts are ordering them to take action.

Whose needs do we have to start putting as a priority? Surely it is not that hard to put people first? The time for change is now and if I am elected to parliament on 7th May I will join with you and start to make these changes happen.

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Written by Prem Goyal

Prem is a City entrepreneur, political activist and community organiser. He is a Magistrate, charity Trustee and active Patron to a number of community organisations in Southwark.