How to empower women

I created World of Women Community as a community initiative, where women are supported to acquire new skills and also turn skills and talents into income generators.

I discovered that women in BAME Communities are making positive impacts in the United Kingdom, through their businesses, talents, skills, charity initiatives, careers and community projects.

I have met so many men and women who are working tirelessly to improve their communities through various initiatives. Often, these people use their own personal funding for community interest projects because they have no access to funding.

Many women with unique skills and talents who aspire to start their own businesses are struggling. One of the major challenges is lack of financial power.

I don’t know why our leaders fail to understand that to repair and replenish the economy of the nation, we must empower women to be financially independent. We must encourage women to collaborate, support one another and develop their talents and skills.

I am working on a project, starting from 2016, called ‘World of Women – The Community Cohesion & Integration Hub’. This will be a one-stop empowerment hub where women are encouraged to collaborate and support one another to grow.

Also, women who desire to acquire new skills or turn their talents and skills into successful business can be supported to bring their desires to fruition.

We will support women by encouraging network meetings between women in similar fields; business plan writing, company registration, applying for funding or business loans, renting premises for trading etc.

We must support women to be financially independent, one woman at a time.

Written by Olabisi Obadara

Olabisi is the visionary behind World of Women Community and the Founder of World of Women TV. She is also an Ambassador for APP