Great Gifts for the Grandparents

If you’re like my family, every holiday season we struggle with buying gifts for the grandparents. Grandparents already have everything. After years of struggling with this problem, here’s a short list of some great gift ideas:

1. Give them your gift of time. Make up a card that lets them know your going to spend the day with them. Take them to lunch and a movie, a baseball game, shopping, etc…Your time is the best gift they can get.

2. A family picture. A month or two before the holiday season, take everyone to your nearest photographer and have a family portrait made. New family pictures are always received extremely well.

3. A family movie. Record major sporting and/or school events that involve your children. This is especially well received with grandparents that live out of state.

4. Set them up with a computer. You don’t need to teach them how to be a software programmer. Rather, just get them set-up with a Facebook account and webcam. Grandparents will love staying in touch with the grand kids this way.

5. Fly them to your house for the holidays. Many grandparents just can’t make the long trip. Take the initiative and help them out. Find a way to either drive them, fly them, or bus them to your house.

The best gift you can ever get the grandparents will always be your family. Come up with a creative way to keep the grandparents close in your life, and your gift will always be a home run.

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