GMC sponsors Annual Reflections 2015 to promote diversity

lord mayor reflections
Dame Fiona Woolf, Prem Goyal and Chris Seow (left to right)


We are looking forward to the Annual Reflections of the Lord Mayor on Monday 5 October. Global Markets Consultants (GMC) is sponsoring the annual celebration, and CEO Prem Goyal will be giving a speech on his journey and sharing a vision of achieving diversity, equality and inclusiveness at the top of the City of London.

This year, Dame Fiona Woolf will share her reflections of her time as Lord Mayor of London from November 2013 to November 2014 with the theme ‘Lord Mayor in the ‘New Normal”.

lord mayor reflections 2015

The ‘Annual Reflections’ is hosted by Chris Seow, who also founded the eventĀ  last year. Chris is a former Chair of the City of London Branch of the Chartered Management Institute.

If you would like to attend, you can get tickets here

Written by APP Reporter

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