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Ed Miliband helps me raise £17,000 for Ken’s mayoral campaign

Ed Miliband gave a rousing speech to 250 Labour supporters at a fundraiser for Ken Livingstone’s London Mayoral campaign on February 23rd.

I masterminded the event, and co-hosted with Val Shawcross.  Not forgetting the contribution made by Mabel McKeown.

During my speech I shared with everyone the best decision of my life, to join the Labour Party and join the fight for social justice and equality!  I profusely thanked Labour’s army of dedicated activists and everyone spontaneously joined me in giving them a rousing standing ovation.

In addition to our leader, the great and the good of the Labour movement were present, including Ken Livingstone, Val Shawcross, Tessa Jowell and Peter John.

“Power is never given, it must be fought for” were Ed’s words. He went on to explain the importance of our grassroots campaigners in taking Labour’s positive message to the electorate. After his speech, I took him to the three tables that I sponsored, introducing my guests who were thrilled to take pictures with him. It was fantastic to see the leader of our party giving so much time to young people and new party members.

The event raised £17,000 for Ken’s campaign – pretty good for a single event. Especially given the fact that each ticket was sold for under £100 and a separate fundraiser was organized for the top donors.   Steve Pound was at his best while auctioning some very unique items. Cllr Martin Seaton and Fern Him made sure to outbid everyone to help raise more money than expected.

It was an evening to be proud of and a credit to everyone involved.

Written by Reporter