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Former Lambeth Mayor honoured with Life Acheivement Award

Cllr Aminu solo award 1
Cllr Aminu with his GMC Life Achievement Award


Former Mayor of Lambeth, Adedamola Aminu, was awarded a GMC Life Achievement Award at an Eid community event on Sunday, attended by business, community and faith leaders from across London.

Adedamola was presented with the award for his servitude to the people of Lambeth as Mayor and his overall contribution to people in London.

Cllr Aminu speaking

Earlier this year, Adedamola organised a charity dinner that helped raise £5,000 for Girl Child Network Worldwide, a grassroots charity that helps educate and improve the life prospects for girls in Africa.

Upon receiving the award, he enthused all guests in attendance to involve themselves more in their communities to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Adedamola with his wife


Congratulations to Adedamola Aminu on winning the award.

Written by APP Reporter

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