Fighting for a better Faraday for our children

Amadu Kanumansa

Here is my speech to Faraday residents at my supporters’ event at the Crawford Estate Tenants Hall on Sunday 17 January: 

My dear friends,

Thank you for joining me this evening. It is a wonderful to have so many people supporting me.

This Thursday, 21 January, I am standing as a candidate to be your next Councillor for Faraday Ward in the London Borough of Southwark for All People’s Party, APP.

I want to speak about 3 things:

First, I am going tell you about myself. Second, I will show you how I will provide a better future for you and our children. Third and finally, I will tell you how you can help me become a Faraday Ward Councillor for All People’s Party.

First – let me tell you about myself.

I am from Freetown, Sierra Leone. I have studied in Africa, Europe and here in the UK. I received a Diploma in Economic and Social Planning from the Kiev State Economic University in Ukraine before moving to Southwark.

After delivering Meals on Wheels for our elderly, I have been working as a Manager for a private hire car company for the past four years. With my wife, I help the poorest and most vulnerable people in our community by distributing meals at a South London Foodbank. And for the last seven years I have taken pilgrims from Southwark to Mecca and Medina to complete the Hajj.

Last year I raised funds and provided clothes, sanitary items and food to those affected by the Ebola Crisis. Later, the local paper praised my efforts after I participated in a 100km walk from London to Cambridge and raised £3,000 for those whose homes were destroyed in Nepal.

This is why I know I can provide a better future for everyone in Faraday – my second point.

I have gathered first-hand knowledge of UK politics as a Councillor and MP candidate in 2014 and 2015 UK elections.

Together with my global education and outlook and political knowledge, I can solve the problems we face every day: no jobs for our young people, poor quality homes and no opportunities for us to reach the top here in England. No one recognises our talent.

That is why I joined All People’s Party three years ago. APP recognises my talent. APP is fighting for me, APP is fighting for you and APP is fighting for our children.

We can do much better. I want all of us to be leaders in London like we are back in our home country. I want my children to reach to the top in the UK.

That is why I am standing as a Councillor candidate for All People’s Party in the upcoming election this Thursday 21 January. I want us to fulfil our dreams.

As your Councillor I will work hard every day so that your children and my children can get good jobs, live in decent homes and reach the top here in England. 

But, finally, I need your help to represent you.

I need you to tell your neighbours, friends and family that I am standing as a candidate for All People’s Party.

I need you to tell them that I will fight for you and your children every day. I will make sure our leaders hear us at the top table.

And most important of all, I need you go out and vote for me, Amadu Kanumansa on Thursday 21 January.

You can vote at your polling station from 7am until 10pm. It is best you go to vote early in the morning when queues will be shorter.

To conclude, I’m thrilled to be your candidate for Faraday Ward and will be honoured to represent you and fight for you if you vote for me.

Together we can make sure our voice is heard at the top.

Together we can provide a future full of hope to our children.

Together we can fulfil our dreams.

Thank you.


Written by Amadu Kanumansa

Amadu specialised in Economic and Social Planning at university in Africa, Europe and the UK. He runs a pilgrimage business in Southwark. As a community leader, he wants to fight for equality at the top. He is APP candidate for the January 2016 Faraday by-election.