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Equality at the top

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APP are fighting for equality at the top so that minorities, women, young, disabled and working class people are equally and proportionately represented at the top so that our political leadership reflects the community they serve. We want all people to have a fair chance to gain political office and lead their communities. We will celebrate diverse, talented people at the top, not just diversity.

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For example, in Southwark, it is not acceptable that out of the top 14 political leaders we have only two minority leaders.  This is insulting to talented minorities who make up 45% of the borough’s population. Therefore:

  • APP will fight for 50% talented minorities at the top political table in every London borough by 2018.
  • APP will campaign for interview panels at every level and in all fields to include diverse people.
  • APP will fight for a talented minority representing every London borough in the House of Commons by 2020.
  • APP will create a diverse community action team to advise on key community and national issues.
  • APP will recognise everyone doing hard work in the community by ensuring they are nominated for the Freedom of the Borough and national awards.