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  • Denis makes pledge to all College Ward residents

Denis makes pledge to all College Ward residents


Denis Pougin, APP candidate for College Ward, spent the bank holiday weekend speaking to residents in the local area about the changes they want to see from Southwark Council.

With the support of his family and campaign team, Denis engaged with over 1,000 residents, all of whom gave their opinions on what Southwark Council could do to improve their services. Denis noted down all of these ideas and concerns and said he will personally address them if he is elected on 5 May.


Denis said: “I learnt many things from the people of College Ward today. They have given me a more complete picture of the issues that need to be urgently addressed in the ward and provided some good ideas on how to go about it.

“I pledge to listen to all concerns and ideas from residents. Everyone, regardless of background, has equal right to have their opinions heard at the very top in Southwark.”

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Written by APP Reporter

APP Reporter covers all of the work APP candidates are doing in their community, finding out about the issues that affect residents and continuing to spread APP's vision of fighting for equality at the top.