Community unites for Springs of Hope Funday

Springs of Hope Summer Fund Day 2016 2

Springs of Hope UK held a special Funday event in Walworth on Saturday 6 August, which brought together people from all pockets of the local community.

Over 100 people attended the event, as well as a number of guest speakers, including Aubyn Graham (former Mayor of Southwark), Althea Smith (former Mayor of Southwark & Chair of Kiwanis UK), Tony Stevens (Founder of the Daneford Trust), and Sir Simon Hughes (former MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark).

The aim of the day was to raise valuable funds towards the completion of a school extension in Jamaica, as well as to celebrate the charity’s 7th anniversary by bringing people from diverse cultures and communities together.

Springs of Hope Summer Fund Day 2016 1

Sir Simon Hughes presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of Springs of Hope to the charity’s wonderful volunteers.

Thanks to Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants and Patron of this charity, for sponsoring this wonderful event.

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