Community champion awarded in Jamaica

Jamaica Deborah Ried-Brown Award 1.3

The Principal and co-founder of Windsor Basic School in Jamaica, Deborah Reid-Brown, has been awarded a 2015 GMC Community Champion Award in recognition of her 15 years of service towards the institution.

The award was presented to Ms Reid-Brown, who created the school situated in St. Ann’s Bay in 2000, by Dulcie Hutchinson, Founder of Springs of Hope and a fellow recipient of a GMC Community Champion Award this year.

When she opened Windsor Basic School 15 years ago with the assistance of four volunteers, the institution provided education for 45 students and despite certain hardships, the school continues to provide education to the children of St. Ann’s Bay in the present day.

Deborah said that she felt incredibly honoured to receive the award and a £100 cheque from GMC.

She said: “I am very humbled by this gesture, I am honoured.

“Humility is the state of not thinking that you’re better than others. It’s our duty to help the helpless, to love the unloved and to give hope to the hopeless, and that’s my duty. That’s what I aim to do, that’s what I will continue to do and with your motivation, your inspiration, your recognition, I will be able to do so because it shows that I’m not alone in this fight.”


Written by APP Reporter

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