Choose textbooks, not Facebook


APP’s leader, Prem Goyal, was invited to share an inspirational speech with pupils at St Mary Magdalene Primary School in Peckham on Friday 5th June.

Prem shared his journey from India to the UK, via America, and talked about the many obstacles he had to overcome. Prem said to choose textbooks, not Facebook. He also stressed the importance of following the guidance of parents and teachers, getting homework done on time and learning life skills from parents and siblings.

It was a highly interactive discussion, lasting one and a half hours, bursting with many excellent questions.

schools thank you card

Prem received a thank you card from the students who said. ‘you showed us that if we put our minds to it, we can accomplish anything and everything… we are little but not too little to have BIG dreams!.”

Minnie Mehmet of the school said “again this was a successful session where all the children and Maxine Foster, class teacher, thoroughly enjoyed listening about your journey to success”. Many thanks to Minnie for organising the visit.

Written by APP Reporter

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