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Championing better housing policies in London

Newington Hustings 2

Here is APP candidate for City & East Aaron D’Souza’s full speech from the Newington by-election Hustings on Thursday 28 April hosted by Southwark Defends Council Housing, standing in for Newington candidate Terry Adewale: 

Hello everyone,

I delighted to join you this evening.

My name is Aaron D’Souza. I am the All Peoples Party, APP London Assembly candidate for City and East, standing in for our Newington candidate Terry Adewale.

I want to begin by congratulating you on your efforts to defend council housing. This month, because of your determination, the House of Lords listened to your calls and responded by defeating the government and forcing them into many u-turns over the Housing Bill.

But as we know, there is more work to be done to ensure decent housing for all at a price that you can afford

All People’s Party and our candidate Terry Adewale, will provide 3 solutions to make this happen:

First we will hold the Council to account and ensure that their pledge of building 11,000 council homes by 2043 is met.
We will ensure targets are met and the quality of these council homes is of a top standard.

Second, we will work with politicians at all levels and the private sector to get massive new investment in social housing. Government can issue municipal bonds that are high interest and low risk. Pension funds will be incentivised to invest in these bonds. This is working in the US right now!

Third, we will insist that the Council use an effective tracking system to monitor all housing maintenance cases, similar to how we track packages with Amazon or Royal Mail.

No one should lose their livelihood or live in substandard housing because of the council’s poor service. We will definitely demand accountability and 100% transparency.

Alongside these pledges, All People’s Party are committed to investing in older people services and creating more jobs and opportunities for local people, and especially our youth.

With every new housing development we want to know:

(1) How many jobs are being created for local people?

(2) How long are these jobs are for?

(3) And how many are local people are recruited to the development or local businesses once the developments are complete?

We will also work with the voluntary sector to invest more in social care and adult services so we can make Southwark a dementia friendly borough by 2020, and London by 2024.

So, to conclude, I hope you will consider challenging the status quo on Thursday 5 May and voting All People’s Party and Terry Adewale to bring about the real change we need.

We need a fair and caring representation for everyone in Newington. By joining hands, together we can build One Southwark and One London

Thank you.

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Written by APP Reporter

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