Celebrating recognition with Tutu Foundation


Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC) and Vice-Patron of Tutu Foundation, hosted a dinner in City of London consisting of 25 guests, including business leaders, Ambassadors, Trustees and Volunteers of the Tutu Foundation to informally discuss progress and future plans for the charity.

The event also gave people associated with the Tutu Foundation to celebrate Clive Conway, Chairman of the foundation, winning Charity Chair of the Year at the Third Sector Awards 2016 last week.


After the dinner, Clive said: “I wish to thank Prem so much for hosting such a wonderful dinner. It created a lot of goodwill amongst the Tutu Foundation supporters.”

Reflecting on the evening, Prem said: “It was great to bring so many hardworking supporters from the Tutu Foundation together for this dinner. Given the success of the event, I’m already planning the next event in early 2017.”

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