Celebrating launch of new flying eye hospital with Orbis

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Prem Goyal and Aaron D’Souza from GMC attending the launch of Orbis’s new flying eye hospital at the Royal Airforce Club on Wednesday 6 July, alongside 100 business leaders and charity board members. The event was graced by the Countess of Wessex and His Excellency Yousef Al Khater who thanked the supporters personally for their contribution.

The event celebrated the acquisition of the new ‘Third-Generation’ MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital, which was donated by FedEx, following the retirement of the Orbis’s old plane, which has been in use for 22 years.

The new plane has been converted into a world-class training hospital and will make initial sight-saving flights to China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania and Cameroon.

Prem and Aaron learned a lot more about the charity, which has very impressive achievements, and explored ways to support their efforts.

Orbis Event_5

In particular, it was very fun to see the new virtual plane using the Oculus Gear VR headset.

Prem noted that he was happy to support and participate in future Orbis’s events.

Thanks to Allan Thompson, Director of Fundraising for Orbis, for organising this fantastic event.

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