Celebrating launch of charitable foundation at House of Lords

House of Lords Charitable Foundation

Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants, and Southwark community champion Amadu Kanumansa were invited to attend the launch event for the Child and Family Practice Charitable Foundation at the House of Lords on Tuesday 8 March.

Prem and Amadu were invited to the event along with nearly 100 attendees, including medical professionals, business leaders and numerous lords.

Stressing the importance of this cause, speakers at the event told how there were countless families with children that have complex medical needs and the NHS is not able to handle them. Sometimes, families have to wait up to 9 months for their children to get treatment.

Prem spoke to Trustees of the foundation and will be exploring ways to support them, including offering them business expertise.

Thank you to Annie Shepperd and Dr. Armon for inviting Prem and Amadu.

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