Carragher Academy successful at Scottish Open


The dancers of Carragher Academy achieved tremendous success at the Celtic Association of Irish Dance Scottish Open in Lothian on Saturday 23 July.

One of the academy’s standout dancers, Katy Foxcroft, won both the Scottish Open Championship and Heavy Reel Championship on the night. She now holds British, National, European and Scottish Irish Dance titles.

There was success for some of the academy’s other talented dancers, including Megan Rogers, who came 2nd place in her category, and Genesis Lima, who came 4th. To add to this, Ruby Taylor and Millie Mae Bailey came in at an impressive 5th and 6th place respectively.


Jessica Carragher, co-founder of Carragher Academy, said: “We are incredibly proud of the hard work the girls put in at the Scottish Open. Their hard work and training certainly paid off.

“They are now going to work even harder to ensure they carry this amazing form into the Irish Dance World Championships in October.”

Congratulations to all of Carragher Academy’s dancers on their success.


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