Carragher Academy win again

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Irish Dancers from Carragher Academy in Bermondsey secured a tremendous result at the Celtic Association of Irish Dancing competition on 23 April, with many dancers scoring podium finishes and Katy Foxcroft winning the first place trophy in her category.

After the competition, Sarrah Carragher, Co-Founder of the Academy, said: “Once again we are incredibly proud of the girls on their terrific performances.

“If they keep up the hard work, I just know they will achieve great things at the British Open Championships and the World Championships later this year.”

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Carragher Academy are entering 29 dancers in total at the British Open Championships on 28th-29th May 2016 and are raising money to travel to the Irish Dance World Championship 2016 in Ireland in October.

Global Markets Consultants will be donating £250 towards the Academy’s fundraising to travel to the world championships.

Well done to everyone associated with Carragher Academy on their success at the competition.

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