Carragher Academy dancers excel at British Open Championships

Carragher BOC 2016 5

Dancers from Bermondsey’s Carragher Academy registered some amazing results at the Celtic Association of Irish British Open Championship in Kent on Saturday 28 May.

Katie Draper and Saskia Larking both walked away from the event with championship trophies in their category, with many dancers, including Katy Foxcroft, Clodagh Murphy, Megan Rogers, Hope Carney and Poppy Vowls all coming in second place. Candy Stevens came third in her category.

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There was also a victory for Megan Rodgers, who won the heavy reel title with another of their dancers, Ruby Taylor, placing third.

There was more joy for Carragher Academy as Jessica Carragher’s daughter Sienna entered her first competition at 14 months old.

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The Academy are also delighted that one of their champion dancers, Katy Foxcroft, made the front cover of Irish dancer magazine Celi. 

After the championships, Sarah and Jessica Carragher, Co-founders of the academy, both said how proud they were of the dancers on their achievements.

Carragher Academy’s success at the championships also received coverage in the 23 June edition of Southwark News.

Carragher Academy Southwark News_June_16

Congratulations to all Carragher Academy’s dancers that participated in the championships.

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