Campaigning in Brixton Hill

with candidate Martin Tiedemann and fellow campaigners

It was bitterly cold last night on the streets of Brixton Hill, but the cold would be endured – there’s a by-election to be won!

Following the recent success of Steve Reed in the Croydon North parliamentary by-election, his now vacated Lambeth council seat in Brixton Hill needs to be filled.

Martin Tiedemann is the Labour & Co-operative candidate for this council by-election. I’ve known Martin for two years and had the pleasure of participating in his training sessions with the Co-operative party. He has of course got my 100% support and I’m confident he will make a fine councillor.

Yesterday I joined him, Morgan McSweeney and Cllr Jack Hopkins to distribute polling cards. My fingers were a bit numb by the end, but it was well worth it and my thanks go to Morgan for co-ordinating.

Check out Martin’s website here

Written by Reporter