Building bridges and promoting peace with Tutu Foundation

tutu foundation 2

It has been a fruitful first year as Vice Patron of Tutu Foundation. As a champion of the foundation’s community had peace building I was very pleased the my home borough of Southwark has helped the foundation deliver their Conversation for Change (C4C) programme and accredited training for young people.

tutu foundation

I also participated and promoted the Peace Breakfast in Southwark, which was in part facilitated by the Tutu Foundation with the theme ‘Building Peace in Fractured Communities’. I joined other attendees, which included business and civic leaders and Tutu Foundation trustees in a workshop with Ubuntu Games to help with social inclusion. Ubuntu’s philosophy is ‘I am because you are’ and is rooted in human kindness. You can find out more about the workshop here.

I’m looking forward to getting involved and spreading the work and impact of the Tutu Foundation in the coming year.


Written by Prem Goyal

Prem is a City entrepreneur, political activist and community organiser. He is a Magistrate, charity Trustee and active Patron to a number of community organisations in Southwark.