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Building a United Community

Our Vision Equality at the top Opportunities


APP will build a united community and put our community first. We believe that we are one people irrespective of our background and journey.

Our politicians are out of touch with the community they represent: they put blind party loyalty before their community and play political football with issues that are hurting residents. APP will be the voice of our voiceless community and work hard to build a promising future for our children in London.

southwark eid3
Southwark Eid Celebration


Just like the Olympics, APP will tap the talent of all people, not just the few:

  • APP will celebrate the diversity of London¬†by organising at least four free community events per year for all generations to attend. This includes Christmas, Eid, Black History Month and a talent show open to everyone.
  • APP will introduce a London-wide¬†Volunteer Day to recognise our unsung heroes who make a difference to the lives of our residents. We will celebrate their contribution.
  • APP will make concerted efforts to engage with those people who are marginalised and not represented in our community.
  • APP will make sure all ethnicities and cultures are celebrated.
  • APP will provide continued support for local theatres, libraries, community groups, arts and culture to deliver a diverse programme of events throughout every year.

southwark diversity celebration