Bringing joy to isolated residents at Christmas

People Care Association 2015

Over 250 elderly and isolated residents were treated to a communal Christmas dinner by the Southwark People Care Association (PCA) at Bacon’s College on Christmas Day this year.

Prem Goyal, Management Team Member of PCA, attended the event and helped set up the event for the guests.  He warmly welcomed them as they arrived and later was busy serving hot drinks to happy, smiley guests.

People Care Association 2015

Over 70 people volunteered at the Christmas dinner, including community champions, business leaders, political leaders, young people, students and refugees.

The People Care Association dinner has been held every Christmas, with the exception of the WWII years, for over 70 years, helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation for countless residents.

Thank you to Danny Walters, Amber Jay and about 70 volunteers for bringing joy to South London residents.

People Care Association

Written by APP Reporter

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