APP candidates attend second training session

APP Politics 201 training 2

APP’s 10 candidates for the GLA Election and local council by-elections attended their second candidate training session last Friday, in preparation for their respective elections on 5 May.

The candidates attended the training session at One Tower Bridge after visiting City Hall.

The training session included a discussion on APP’s May 2016 manifesto, spelling out their stances on policing, transport, fire services, housing and governance in London.

APP Politics 201 training 3

Each candidate also updated their peers on their campaign’s progress and the work they have been doing in the community. Some candidates have been planning their supporters’ night whilst others have been invited for media appearances, interviews and hustings. Each candidate is looking forward to sharing their vision for London.

Terry Adewale, APP council candidate for Newington ward in Southwark, said: “I found all of the presentations given at the training session to be a very illuminating experience for me.

“I am confident that with this level of training, all of the candidates will make a great impression with their campaigns.”

Thank you to Aaron D’Souza and Jack Williams for organising and leading this training session.

APP Politics 201 training 4

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