All People’s Party on Schools and Childcare

All People’s Party will¬†ensure that every child gets the best education and start in life.

Every parent wants their child to achieve their full potential by receiving the best education possible. APP are committed to making this a reality. The building of good local primary and secondary schools must be paired with a focus on more school places to tackle the problem of over subscription. We will make sure every local school is high achieving so that every child in Southwark can reach the top.

One of the biggest concerns for parents bringing up their children is the lack of affordable and high quality childcare. APP recognises that it is beneficial for children to go to nursery so they can interact with other children and benefit from space and new environments. APP will make it easier for parents to get further training or get into work with the provision of 24 hour childcare.


APP will:

  • ensure every area has high achieving local schools (Primary and Secondary) so children don’t have to travel far for their education
  • ensure every child becomes a global citizen so they can fulfill their dreams
  • take measures to develop our children’s potential
  • continue to stand up for parents and Teacher-Parent Associations
  • increase the amount of extra curricular activities for students
  • work closely with schools to combat bullying and increase children’s safety
  • increase provision of quality and affordable childcare services
  • make continuity of care for children a priority


Vote All People’s Party on Thursday 7th May for the schools and childcare¬†solutions we need.

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