All People’s Party on Housing

All People’s Party will fight for massive new investment in house building and build 10,000 social homes in the next 10 years in Southwark.

Every person should have a safe and secure place they can call home. We must tackle the serious shortage of homes in our community and in London. There are 20,000 people in Southwark waiting for a home, but this is not just a Southwark problem, it is a nationwide problem. APP’s housing plan is ambitious but also serious and achievable and it follows many of the recommendations of the 2011 Southwark Independent Housing Report.


APP will:

  • build 10,000 social homes in 10 years
  • fight the bedroom tax
  • campaign to ensure all Council properties are safe and livable at all times
  • lobby the Council and campaign to protect residents and leaseholders
  • lobby the Council to ensure they stick to 35% social housing provision in all new housing regeneration contracts
  • support legislation to help first-time buyers


Vote All People’s Party on Thursday 7th May for the housing solutions we need.

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